RPCVs – Peace Corps Response wants you!

Peace Corps Response (formerly Crisis Corps) matches RPCVs with short-term volunteer opportunities. These are a great chance to serve in a high need, high skill position for several months. There are four positions currently open in Latin America. Check out the job descriptions here!

3 thoughts on “RPCVs – Peace Corps Response wants you!”

  1. Hey Ben,

    How’s it going? I’m really just testing FOE’s site; but I am interested in a PC Response gig. It’d be great to do it back in Ecuador; however, my Spanish still sucks so I’m also checking out options in Guyana, eastern Europe, etc. as they present themselves.

    Despite the acronym, thanks to you and Josh for maintaining the FOE site!

  2. I have a peace corps background(Malaysia 67-69) in tropical agriculture and 13 years as a FIG expert here in the southwest teaching fig propagation workshops in rural areas and creating part time jobs for people to sell their own propagated fig trees at growers markets throughout the state. I also have 40 years in wholistic healing, Massage as practitioner, instructor and as director of a school, administrator of other schools as well as examiner./ official tester for the state of New Mexico. I would love to take these skills and use them in peace corps response. So is there a way to do this by stating my skills rather than having to wait for job openings?…thank you…Lloyd Kreitzer, the fig-man of New Mexico

    1. Lloyd, thanks for the note. The Peace Corps Response website has a helpful list of frequently asked questions including the application process. This information below may be useful.

      To start the applications process, visit http://www.peacecorps.gov/response/apply. Applicants can create a profile and upload their resume, enter personal contact information, and set up jobseeker tools that alert them when positions become available that match their interests. Applicants may also search open assignments that match specific interests, qualifications, and availability. When browsing for open positions, please pay close attention to the mandatory and desired qualifications, as well as the start date and duration. When you are ready to apply, be prepared to describe how your skills and experience will lead to the overall success of a project. Once you submit your application, you will receive an email confirmation. You may update your profile at any time after submitting an application.

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