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Updates from the Peace Corps

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 2.21.17 PMIn the past week, Peace Corps announced significant changes to its recruitment, application, and selection processes (see links on the FOE Facebook page). As part of that process, Peace Corps re-vamped the RPCV pages on the PC website in order to better serve and recognize the RPCV community. Visit the new pages today to:

  • Bring the World Home – Explore everything from video libraries to storytelling tips to help you share your Peace Corps story with others. When you get involved and tell the Peace Corps about your activity, they will send you a free kit of promotional materials. Also, check out the new Third Goal Highlights for stories of great Third Goal work and best practices. If you have a practice or activity you’d like to share as a Highlight, submit it to the Peace Corps at
  • Access resources in the RPCV Virtual Career Center – Let Peace Corps help you find your next job with resources like the RPCV Career Link jobs board, online and in-person RPCV Career Events, one-on-one resume reviews, and career self-assessment software. Also, post your organization’s job opportunities on Career Link for free to recruit other talented RPCVs.

Check out the pages today, share them with your friends, and let the PC know what you think. They’d love your feedback!

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RPCV Opportunities to Jump Start Your Career & Bring the World Home

Dear RPCVs:

Peace Corps is bringing its RPCV support around the country to help you jump start your career. Whether you’ve been back 10 days or 10 years, we hope you’ll sign up for any of the following regional or national RPCV Career Events to get yourself back in shape for the U.S. job market or to refresh your job search strategy as you change career direction:

Spring 2014 RPCV Career Events

On the cultural front, with fewer than 10 days left until the start of Peace Corps Week, we hope you’ll take a couple minutes to see what’s already been done by PCVs and RPCVs participating in the Video and Classroom Challenges. It’s not too late for you to join in and there are tote bags, maps, and even the possibility of a free iPad to entice you!

Thank you for your service and for continuing to make a difference.

All the best,


Peace Corps Office of Third Goal and Returned Volunteer Services


Follow us on Twitter @PCThirdGoal#PCWeek2014

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Un “feliz cumple!” al ‘Donde no hay doctor’

Happy Birthday, Where There Is No Doctor!
Hesperian Health Guides invites you to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Where There Is No Doctor with others who know and love the book! Join us for two free events co-hosted by local Returned Peace Corps Volunteer groups:
Where There Is No Doctor‘s 40th Anniversary Party
Co-hosted by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Northern California
Thursday, September 19th
Berkeley, CA
Co-hosted by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, D.C.
Tuesday, October 15th
Washington, D.C.
Please come and share stories about your Peace Corps experience, network with other RPCVs, and meet and greet Hesperian staff and board members.
Another way to celebrate this landmark year is by  sharing your story on Hesperian’s website or with other RPCVs through the group ” Friends of Where There Is No Doctor.” Your contributions help make future editions of the book even more useful for community health workers, teachers, volunteers, PCVs, and others worldwide who rely every day on Hesperian information to support healthy families and communities.
Hesperian Health Guides is a small nonprofit organization and depends on your support to keep our books updated and translated. Please consider purchasing a book or making a donation today.

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Not to miss events in August: Peace Corps career conference and the Third Goal Summit

Peace Corps Career Conference: Aug 19-22 at PC headquarters in DC

Each Returned Volunteer Services career conference draws over 200 RPCVs from all around the U.S – make sure you’re one of them! At this four-day intensive conference, you’ll learn in-depth strategies to make yourself stand out from other job-seekers. We hope you’ll join us and take advantage of this opportunity to boost your job-searching skills while networking with other RPCVs and RPCV-friendly employers.

Registration now open!


Third Goal Summit: Aug 23-24 at PC headquarters in DC

Join Peace Corps for the first-ever Third Goal Mobilization Summit! This two-day interactive Summit will bring Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) together to exchange ideas and acquire new tools to help Americans better understand our countries of service.

Sign up today and help us elevate, redefine, and reinvigorate Peace Corps’ Third Goal.


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Life after the PC: Getting the balance right

If you happened to miss it going around social media this past week, the Daily Muse had a great article on Life after Peace Corps. The tips and points resonated with my own experience visiting home in Michigan two-thirds the way through service and then returning to the US after three years as a PCV in Ecuador. I’m sure the tone and topic rings true for many other RPCVs.

Give yourself some time to read through the full article for more thoughts on readjustment State-side. And then compare notes with the Peace Corps recommendations on the “transition home“.

Give Yourself Some Time, But Not Too Much

Basically, you need a little bit of time to relax, enjoy being home, and come to terms with the new world—but you don’t want to be sitting around feeling useless for months on end. The time needed is different for everyone, but I would recommend two to three months of resettling before jumping into anything big. The Peace Corps gives you enough cash to put money down for an apartment and get yourself back on your feet until you find a job or start school, so take advantage of that.

Carry Your Experience With You Everywhere

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how what you did in the Peace Corps transfers to the “real world.” But in reality, there are endless stories and attributes that not only should strengthen your self-worth, but are also valuable tools to use in interviews and on your resume—whether or not you enter a field that’s directly related to the work you did. Quantify what you can, but know there will be a lot that you can’t. So think about how it applies to what you want to do: your commitment, loyalty, determination, initiative, courage—I could go on and on.


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