Engineers Without Borders Request for Help

RPCV Suzanne Mills sent us this request for help with a water project in Cotopaxi. Spread the world and contact Suzanne if you can help.

Hello Ecuador PCVs and RPCVs!
I am a hydrogeologist with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) currently seeking support for small business development related to a recently constructed drinking water project in the village of Tingo Pucara, Cotopaxi Province. The project is an extensive pumped system that provides high quality water that is more than enough to supply the village for current and future needs. The system won an EWB Premier Project award in 2012 because of its success, in large part due to the participation of an Ecuador RPCV and the strong leadership and unity of the community itself.

However, the system is expensive for the village to maintain. They need alternative source(s) of income to ensure its sustainability. They are looking into starting a bottled water business and/or selling some water to a new health clinic that will be built nearby.

We at EWB would like to support their efforts to explore these options, but we are hindered by the fact that we are not in Ecuador. We are looking for someone in-country who could help the village perform a basic feasibility study for their bottled water business. We are also looking for someone who could help them find out more information about the construction and administration of the health clinic and what the proposed water source will be.

Please message me Suzanne on FB if you are willing to help. Your participation is crucial to the people of Tingo Pucara. Thank you so much!
un saludo calido,
Engineers Without Borders Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Professional Chapter
RPCV Honduras 2005-2007

3 thoughts on “Engineers Without Borders Request for Help”

  1. Ruben Hernandez

    I am a Civil Engineer and have an MBA. I was PC’s Country Director in Ecuador 2002-2004. I am now retired and could spend time in Ecuador working on either or both of the tasks you mentioned, Depending on how long you estimate the tasks to take. I imagine 6-12 months.
    I remember you were one of our Volunteers in Ecuador when I was there Suzanne.

    1. Nice to hear from you, Ruben! I still remember and appreciate your flexibility in accepting me as a Water and Sanitation Honduras PCV, and your swearing me in individually in your office in Tegucigalpa in July 2005.

      I am thrilled to hear of your interest in the Tingo project. I have sent you a message on Linkedin with my current email address and more information about the project. I look forward to being in touch!

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