Life after the PC: Getting the balance right

If you happened to miss it going around social media this past week, the Daily Muse had a great article on Life after Peace Corps. The tips and points resonated with my own experience visiting home in Michigan two-thirds the way through service and then returning to the US after three years as a PCV in Ecuador. I’m sure the tone and topic rings true for many other RPCVs.

Give yourself some time to read through the full article for more thoughts on readjustment State-side. And then compare notes with the Peace Corps recommendations on the “transition home“.

Give Yourself Some Time, But Not Too Much

Basically, you need a little bit of time to relax, enjoy being home, and come to terms with the new world—but you don’t want to be sitting around feeling useless for months on end. The time needed is different for everyone, but I would recommend two to three months of resettling before jumping into anything big. The Peace Corps gives you enough cash to put money down for an apartment and get yourself back on your feet until you find a job or start school, so take advantage of that.

Carry Your Experience With You Everywhere

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how what you did in the Peace Corps transfers to the “real world.” But in reality, there are endless stories and attributes that not only should strengthen your self-worth, but are also valuable tools to use in interviews and on your resume—whether or not you enter a field that’s directly related to the work you did. Quantify what you can, but know there will be a lot that you can’t. So think about how it applies to what you want to do: your commitment, loyalty, determination, initiative, courage—I could go on and on.


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