New PCV Fundraising Request – $3500 Audiovisual Laboratory

Peace Corps Partnerships fundraising appeal from PCV Catherine Heimsoth. $3500 is needed to support an audiovisual laboratory. As of July 29th, the project still needs about $3500.

The objective of our project is to implement an audiovisual laboratory that will serve the needs of our educational community by strengthening the linguistic skills of our English teachers and students. Furthermore, the laboratory will be used as a training center for the educational community with the contribution of the following groups: the committee of school authorities and teachers, the student council, the committee of students’ parents, as of course the English area. Everyone will contribute in terms of materials, labor, finances, and through in-kind donations. We believe this project will help not only the students currently in our institution but will serve future generations of students. This laboratory will help the students of our institution reach new academic levels, forming better people capable of working in a professional environment with an adequate use of the English language.


Catherine sent us some photos and more details about here project. Here is what she said:

The money we’re raising is for an English audiovisual room for our high school. Currently, our teachers have very few resources available outside of the textbook. One of our goals as TEFL volunteers in Ecuador is to expose the teachers to new methodology and aid them in introducing it in their classrooms. Because our town is a local center for commerce and tourism, English is increasingly important. This means our students need more access to real-life English, not only grammar exercises found in the textbook. With this audiovisual room, the teachers will be able to show movies, play songs, and use the internet, providing a more well-rounded English education to the 1200 students at our school.

The English teachers are committed to participating in training sessions on the use and maintenance of the new technological equipment and are committed to using the audiovisual room on a regular basis. The school authorities and association of students’ parents have also taken responsibility for providing a free classroom along with security doors and other equipment. Everyone is committed to collaborating and caring for the new audiovisual room to the best of their ability.

With your support, we hope we can help make Catherine’s project possible. Here is some more detail on the fundraising goals:

Project Details
Location: ECUADOR

Volunteer Coordinator
Heimsoth C. of TX
Project Number 13-518-005

Community Contribution
$1450(29% of total budget)

Original Request $3542.46
Funds Still Needed $3542.46

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2 thoughts on “New PCV Fundraising Request – $3500 Audiovisual Laboratory”

  1. Teresa Lynch Bashant

    Unfortunately I don’t have the personal funds right now to donate to your project, but I would love to help out in other ways. I was a special ed. PCV in Manabi and Cuenca years ago and now I am an ESL teacher K-12 in upstate NY. When your students have access to the internet, I love to have my students (not just ESL students) correspond w/ yours if you are looking for some real-life communication. Skyping would be possible, too. I am also the staff advisor for the high school’s international club, and the kids have raised funds for other projects like yours in the past. School is out for the summer here, though, so that won’t .happen until at least Sept. Professionally, I could also send you some excellent teaching materials that I use at work, because I work in a low-incidence school district where kids need to learn English in only 2 years (and are often successful in just 1). Snail mail used to be impossible but if this has changed, please let me know. Where in Ec are you? Teresita

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