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2010 Updates

April 2011

We post some updates shortly of recent projects we have supported. Apologies for the old links on the site!

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2006 Projects Supported

In 2006, FOE and donors supported a variety of projects with total project support exceeding $20,000.

1. Esmeraldes Water Workshop ($2,960) - water quality workshop in Esmeraldas
2. Pedernales Project: Rehabilitation Center ($6,600) - disabled person rehabilitation center
3. 2006 GAD Raffle ($8,445) - high school scholarships for girls
4. San Vicente de Lucia Water System ($2,000) - refurbishment of water system project

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2005 Projects Supported

In 2005, FOE and donors supported more than $6,500 in projects, including support for the following

1. Humanity Corps ($600) - a youth at risk project in Guayaquil
2. Ecuador Rivers Institute ($1,614) - a river conservation festival
3. GAD Raffle 2006 ($2,945) - high school scholarships for girls
4. VAC Calendar Sales ($336)
5. Other Non-Profit Donations ($653)

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2004 Projects supported

After going through an extensive reorganization on the internet, Friends of Ecuador has begun to support community-based projects in Ecuador via its web presence. In the final quarter of 2004, FoE donated to the following projects:

1. Computer Exchange ($212). Replacement parts for donated computers were needed in various communities and Friends of Ecuador was able to step in quickly to facilitate shipment of needed parts to waiting PCVs and communities.

2. Libro Leido ($600). An Ibarra-based orphanage applied for a reading project grant through the PCV who worked with them for two years. Funds will be used to buy books and materials in a new library as well as encourage children to increase the number of books they read.

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Organizations Supported in 2002

In 2002, Friends of Ecuador supported six organizations with donations totaling $4,600.

1. Jatun Sacha ($1,000). This environmental group combines protected preserves (in the oriente, mountains, and coast) with educational programs for young people and agro-forestry program for adults.

2. World Computer Exchange ($1,000). They provide used computers to schools and non-profits in the developing world and are just opening their first program in Ecuador with a planned 450 machines.

3. Fondo Ecuatoriano Populorum Progressio (FEPP) ($1,000). Organizes and assists low income communities, especially indigenous groups, with development programs that respond to their priorities and that defend their cultural rights. Based in Quito and in existence since 1970, it is one of the three groups funded that receive ongoing grant and management assistance from the Resource Foundation.

4. Peace Corps Partnership ($600 to be divided among the next three projects accepted by the Partnership).  This program encourages volunteers to apply for grant funding, usually in their hometowns, for small development projects in which there is significant local assistance of materials or sweat equity.

5. Fundacion Guayaquil ($500). A micro-business support system, including training and credit to increase production and income.  It runs two basic programs, one for existing businesses and the second for assisting low-income entrepreneurs in creating new businesses. 

6. Viviendas Del Hogar de Cristo ($500).  Located in Guayaquil, they build pre-fabricated homes and provide a revolving loan fund for purchasers.  They have helped build 26,000 homes since 1971 and also provide employment training.

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