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Apply for Funds

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If you work with a grassroots NGO that works in Ecuador and would like to be able to solicit funds via our site, you can download an application here. We will collect basic information about your organization, your funding needs, and several references. Once we're satisfied that your organization is credible and fits the mission of FoE, you may become a featured project of FoE. Your contacts, friends, family, and FoE members will be able to donate funds on-line to FoE in your name. We will bundle donations and send them to your organization.

Friends of Ecuador Fundraising Criteria

  1. We support organizations that do grassroots development work in Ecuador.
  2. We prefer to support organizations where small donations of $1,000 or less can make a difference. Organizations that have large or established sources of funding should not apply. Important Note: Our model of fundraising relies very much on your organization's ability to fundraise. Once approved, we will add your organization to the drop-down menu in our secure e-pay page; we host your project description and we promote your project in our newsletters and email communication. While FOE members do donate to our approved projects, the most successful projects have relied on their own web of contacts, friends and family to visit our site. We are facilitators of funding but have very limited money of our own.
  3. For ease of communications, organizations we support must have an e-mail address and, preferably, a website. We will post descriptions of the organizations and the project on our website.
  4. Organizations that receive support from Friends of Ecuador must submit a progress report within six months of having received a donation. A reporting form will be available on-line. Failure to fulfill reporting criteria will make an organization ineligible to receive further funding from FOE.
  5. To be able to fundraise through Friends of Ecuador, an organization must provide three references who are not relatives of contact person, at least two of which have e-mail addresses.
  6. Applications can be in English or Spanish but must be submitted on-line to foe@friendsofecuador.org
  7. Any indication that funds have been spent for personal use will make the organization ineligible to receive further funding from FOE.


Application in English - MS Word version

Solicitud en Espanol

Application in English - Fill-In PDF Form*

* This form can be filled-in on-line. After filling in the information, save the PDF file to your hard-drive and e-mail it to FOE.


Reporting Form - MS Word version

Reporting Form en Espanol

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