Greetings from Friends of Ecuador 2024

Dear Friends of Ecuador Members,

It’s been a minute since we produced a new newsletter. We, Ecuador, and the world have been through a globe-altering pandemic. Peace Corps Volunteers were evacuated from posts all around the world and only recently returned to countries in March of 2022.

As many of you know, Ecuador experienced severe impacts of COVID in 2020, and it has more recently been beset by violence because of the rising presence of drug gangs. The new Ecuadorian president Noboa has his work cut out for him.

Amidst this, Peace Corps has returned to Ecuador and is sending volunteers back to posts. Friends of Ecuador continues to support projects in Ecuador. There are also some new short-term volunteer opportunities with Peace Corps Response in Ecuador that some of you may be interested in. They are in the climate and conservation space, one of them being in the Galápagos.

We are especially proud of our on-going partnership with Conciencia Amazónica and the various projects of RPCV David Goucher. Our newsletter features a story from him on their incredible work, and our newly rebuilt webpage features photos from some of their important conservation and sustainable agriculture work in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

We are also looking for a new treasurer (see the story in our newsletter) and get in touch if you are interested.

Josh Busby
President, Friends of Ecuador

1 thought on “Greetings from Friends of Ecuador 2024”

  1. So glad that Friends of Ecuador has returned.
    I was Peace Corps Volunteer ( 1966-69) as a university teacher in Quito.
    I and my family have returned several times to visit with former students and colleagues. It’s a beautiful country and my experience was unforgettable. The country was in terrible political turmoil as now, but for different reasons.
    Hope to receive information and willing to support your efforts.
    Fran Ramirez( former Arujo).

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