“Buen Provecho” Cookbook Featured on National Geographic Website

An update version of the “Buen Provecho” cookbook was published on the National Geographic website.

“You’re holding a wonderful book in your hands, one that was crafted with a scientist’s mind and an artist’s heart. It’s a collection of recipes, wisdom, care, and knowledge that if used right will ease your day, fuel your dreams, and spread a bit of goodness in the world.”

It was the product of many but led by a particularly generous soul who served as a PCV in Ecuador 1997-2001. We remember and honor Laurel Zaks through her many good works, among them, the more-than-a-cookbook Buen Provecho.


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Happy New Year 2015

Well, we had a busy end of 2014 so we were a little remiss in sending out some updates from Friends of Ecuador in the final months of the year. We’ve got a variety of stories for January, with new recipes from Mary, an RPCV’s TEDx talk, reports from Ecuador, and reports from NPCA on recent legislative success.

If you have any submissions, please get in touch with us at

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NYT: 50 Ways to Love Your Quinoa

The New York Times ran a story this week on 50 ways to love your quinoa. As I’ve written about before, one of my main projects as a volunteer was to work with a producer’s association in Riobamba, ERPE, and RPCVs Bob and Maggi Leventry, to export organic quinoa to the United States.

Quinoa has subsequently taken off as a super-food, a complete protein that is great in taking on flavors and with its nutty texture is a complement to soups, salad, cereals, and desserts.

While over the years, the Times has identified 50 different ways to prepare quinoa, this week they provide some awesome salad recipes like this one for spicy quinoa with broccoli: …

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