“Buen Provecho” Cookbook Featured on National Geographic Website

An update version of the “Buen Provecho” cookbook was published on the National Geographic website.

“You’re holding a wonderful book in your hands, one that was crafted with a scientist’s mind and an artist’s heart. It’s a collection of recipes, wisdom, care, and knowledge that if used right will ease your day, fuel your dreams, and spread a bit of goodness in the world.”

It was the product of many but led by a particularly generous soul who served as a PCV in Ecuador 1997-2001. We remember and honor Laurel Zaks through her many good works, among them, the more-than-a-cookbook Buen Provecho.


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  1. Thanks so much for having National Geographic publishing this. When I left Ecuador in 1996 I didn’t take my copy of Buen Provecho with me and I regretted it ever since. This version is much more in depth than the one I had. My only sorrow is there is no recipe for the Bicho Blaster Burrito, which had the unforgettable caption of (paraphrasing here) “It if doesn’t kill the bugs that are ailing you, it will at least fry them into submission.”

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