Volunteer jewelry project

From the project’s website:

Mujeres Cambia (Women Are Changing) is a social venture located in Ecuador whose mission is to provide opportunities for low-income women to benefit themselves and the environment through making and selling products made of recycled materials.

Mujeres Cambia members work towards change within their families, their community, and the world. All products are made by hand out of recycled materials and are priced to ensure that each artist is paid a fair wage.

Living in the coastal fishing villages of Santa Elena, Ecuador members come together to support one another working towards individual goals each member has set for herself. Mujeres Cambia gives women the opportunity to share their creativity outside of the home, to promote eco-friendly practices, and to earn money for their families.

How It was Started

Again, from the project website:

Mujeres Cambia was founded in 2011 by a Peace Corps Volunteer named Jessica who taught recycled arts projects to women in San Pablo. The founding group of women: Jennifer, Elba, Noralma, Alexandra, and Maribel opened up membership when new Peace Corps Volunteers Marisa and Paul started working with the group after Jessica’s Close of Service.

Since that time, the group has grown to 18 members; moved to a new workshop space; sold to stores across Ecuador, North America, and Europe; worked with the Ecuadorian Ministries of Culture, Tourism, and Productivity; and opened up an online store.

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