Update on the Chevron case

Ecuador recently had its victory in its pollution case against Chevron overturned. More news about ongoing developments were reported in the Wall Street Journal:

Chevron Corp.’s request for $32.3 million in attorney fees in its civil racketeering case against plaintiffs’ lawyer Steven Donziger has been tabled—for now.

But the oil giant did gain some ground in a separate but related legal tussle with law firm Patton Boggs LLP, which is also being overseen by the same federal judge.

Both cases stem from Chevron’s efforts to undermine a record $9.5 billion environmental verdict against it in Ecuador. Mr. Donziger represented the plaintiffs in that case, who sued the company over decades-old pollution from oil exploration in the Amazon Basin. Chevron sued Mr. Donziger, alleging that the Ecuador judgment was fraudulently obtained through bribery, coercion and other misconduct by the plaintiffs’ legal team—claims Mr. Donziger has denied.

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