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Peace Corps Week 2014, February 23rd– March 1st, 2014-Video Challenge

“Peace Corps Volunteers gain more perspective, cultural insight and community connections from their service than most people gain in a lifetime”.  Nearly 80 current and returned Volunteers shared their perspectives of living in another country and facing a new culture by participating in Peace Corps Week 2014 Video Challenge where they present in a very creative way what I wish Americans knew about my Peace Corps Country.  Ecuador post was participating with a video from the Y&F PCV Kyle King who gained the second place award.  It is really an honor for our post to receive such a great recognition to our Volunteer’s effort.


Arrival of our Ecuador’s new Director of Management and Operations (DMO)-Brittanie Paquette

Brittanie is the new DMO in Ecuador replacing Joshua Cuscaden, who left our post in November for working in Kosovo.  Brittanie is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer in Bolivia serving in 2007 as business/tourism development volunteer until the post closed in 2008.  Arriving back to the States, she was hired for a position at Peace Corps headquarters and since then she has been working in different financial positions.  We were waiting so long for her and since March she is part of our team for 5 years.  We are very happy to have all our team complete, so we can continue pursuing our goals in a high-performance way!

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