Mushuk Yuyay School Breakfast Appeal

We are proud to partner with the Association of Producers of Seeds and Nutritional Andean Foods on a pilot school feeding program in the Cañar region for which we are requesting donations on their behalf. This has come to our attention from RPCVs Stuart Moskowitz and Alan Adams (Ecuador 1967-69). We are seeking to mobilize $1000 to support a fall program. Read on for full details about the project.

Healthy Children program

This is a program called Healthy Children, Healthy Future (Niños Saludables, Futuro Saludable) that Mushuk Yuyay (New Thought) has designed in answer to the problem of malnutrition. This program has wide support in the schools and the community. The schools now have demonstration plots where the children grow the crops, process them, learn about the nutritional values, prepare dishes, and present the nutritious foods at community program. The children become the promoters of nutritious, traditional foods. We have a local nurse who will be donating her talents to the program. We also have backing from the National University of Education. Funds are requested to support this program. Funds are requested to add a breakfast program for the children who attend school hungry.

Mushuk Yuyay is an association of small farmer owners in the high Andes in the Cañar region of Ecuador which is involved in several projects with the goal of achieving sustainable and resilient family farming, food sovereignty, and economic self reliance. Each of the projects that the association, Mushuk Yuyay has designed and begun leads toward this complex goal. Each activity is a piece of the puzzle, carefully planned and carried out as resources become available. Mushuk Yuyay is an open, transparent, and democratically managed association intent on carrying out the self determined programs of the Cañari people. Mushuk Yuyay works as a companion to the other organizations in the area including the agricultural cooperatives that were formed during the Agrarian Reform of the 1960’s.

Mushuk Yuyay has worked on collaborative projects with the national agricultural research program (INIAP), the McKnight Foundation on Andean grain development and Ekorural with experimental plantings. The association was incorporated as a not-for-profit in 1994 and holds a Certificate of Social Responsibility from the World Confederation of Businesses. Thus, they will strengthen their agriculture and improve their health as well as advance educational goals. The goal is to raise $1,000 to pilot this program as a part of nutrition education endeavor for Mushuk Yuyay in Cañar.

Here is a more detailed description of the program.

Should you have any additional questions about the project, please contact Stuart or Alan.

1 thought on “Mushuk Yuyay School Breakfast Appeal”

  1. I am writing to thank the generous Friends of Ecuador donors who believed in our work with children’s nutrition enough to contribute quickly enough to make this breakfast program happen when school opens in September in at least two of the area schools.

    You have raised $1,500 which is now in the Mushuk Yuyay savings and loan cooperative where it will be immediately available for use.

    While this is wonderful news and nutritious food will be available quickly, this is only the beginning. Other schools in the 3 cantons where Mushuk Yuyay operates – Cañar, El Tambo, Suscal – have asked to participate as well. As other funds become available either from local governments or from further Friends of Ecuador donations, more schools will be added and more children fed.

    The program is growing faster than anticipated.

    Please contact me Through the link to Alan on the post above if you have any questions.

    In deepest gratitude,
    Alan Adams

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