For those considering retiring in Ecuador…

Here is link to an article on where to find organic produce and health food in Ecuador.

The author writes:

While not all the produce in the market is grown organically, it’s easy to find it if you ask around. There are many small farms where food is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Often there is a specific time and place where organic produce is available either at the market or directly from the grower at the farm. Getting to know the vendor, or better yet the grower, is the key to understanding where your food comes from and how it’s grown.

The quantity and quality of fruits available in Ecuador is simply amazing. The variety of bananas alone will astound you, with each variety offering a unique look and taste. You’ll also find a wide variety of familiar fruits like mangos, avocados, pineapples, oranges, various types of grapes, and papayas. And it’s likely that you’ll encounter some fruits that you’ve never seen before—and some of them offer extraordinary health benefits.

She may be a little naive here. You may be some produce in local markets that looks good but probably has some pesticide residue on it. Still, local market produce is pretty amazing in Ecuador, and there are lot of local fruits and vegetables that are great for improving one’s health.

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