El Clima Story 2: Peer Support Network

411, Not 911: PSN reinvents itself by Lauren Wagner

Who: The Peer Support Network (PSN). We are a group of Peace Corps Volunteers who are selected and trained to provide support to our peers in concert and cooperation with the Peace Corps staff. Oh, and we are your friends, too.

What: The new PSN crew just got sworn in (passing of the torch and all) in February and we are excited about what 2013 has in store. In the past, PSN was sometimes interpreted as a last resort, panic moment type of thing. Although PSN members are trained in dealing with crises and stressful situations, we want to make sure that people know we are more than that. We are good listeners who have probably been through many similar scenarios. Give us a call before things get bad.

When: Ahorita. Any time you need us. Also, when we come hang out with you in your site and then stay in touch via phone, email, Facebook, interprovincial chisme, etc

Where: Mainly your site. We come to you and you show us the best batidos, the coolest campo spot, and the nicest abuela in town. Basically, we get to know you and your site so that we can continue to support you throughout your service.

Why: PSN exists in order to provide quality support that enhances the well-being and effectiveness of the Peace Corps Volunteers of Ecuador. Also, because we know that sometimes it can be hard to find the right person to talk to this far away from home.

How: Each PSN member is assigned a small group of PCVs from the newest omnibus to visit and work with, starting with visits to OMN 109 in May 2013. We should be visiting you before your official PC visit from your Program Manager, and it is a great time to show someone what your life is really like in site.

The Latest: Here is your introduction to the new crew!

  • PCV Lauren Wagner- PSN Chair
  • PCV Maggie Moore- PSN Vice Chair
  • PCV Danielle Garcia- PSN Training Coordinator
  • PCV Peter Frank- PSN Pre-Service Training Mentor* (new position)
  • PCV Heather Parker- PSN Member
  • PCV Lesley Meza- PSN Member
  • PCV Jonathan Yoe- PSN Member




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