Ecuador Vice President jailed

News reports said Ecuador’s vice president Jorge Glas was jailed on corruption charges in October and convicted in December:

Ecuador’s Vice President Jorge Glas was jailed on Monday after the Supreme Court ordered his arrest while he is investigated for allegedly taking bribes from a Brazilian construction giant involved in a sprawling regional graft scandal.

Apparently, evidence has been recently submitted against him.

Ecuador’s Inspection Commission has convened with assemblyman Roberto Gomez Alcivar, the trial judge presenting evidence in the impeachment hearings against suspended Vice-President Jorge Glas.

Ecuador’s president says Glas is no longer vice president, despite it being an elected position.

Ecuadorean president Lenin Moreno said Wednesday that elected Vice President Jorge Glas is no longer in the position “according to what the Constitution says.” of that country.

“An important subject you must be aware of, related to the president’s decision: last midnight, according to what’s stated by the Constitution, Vice-President Jorge Glas was ceased from office,” said the President at the beginning of a meeting with his cabinet.

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