NYT: 50 Ways to Love Your Quinoa

The New York Times ran a story this week on 50 ways to love your quinoa. As I’ve written about before, one of my main projects as a volunteer was to work with a producer’s association in Riobamba, ERPE, and RPCVs Bob and Maggi Leventry, to export organic quinoa to the United States.

Quinoa has subsequently taken off as a super-food, a complete protein that is great in taking on flavors and with its nutty texture is a complement to soups, salad, cereals, and desserts.

While over the years, the Times has identified 50 different ways to prepare quinoa, this week they provide some awesome salad recipes like this one for spicy quinoa with broccoli: …

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Controversy, Quantity, and Quinoa

You might have seen some news reports reflecting on a controversy about the beloved Andean quinoa, the superfood of the gods that is a wonder to vegetarians because it is a complete protein. The Huffington Post had a provocative and largely mistitled post “Is Fair Trade Quinoa A Real Thing, Or Has The Superfood’s Popularity Hurt Those Who Grow It?”

Actually, if you read the piece, it is pretty clear that rising prices may be tough for some quinoa consumers but is a boon to producers. But, the challenge may be that production cannot expand to keep pace with demand, which may be a mixed bag for growers, higher prices for the quinoa that is sold but some money on the table for unmet demand (though too much production might mean cheap prices for consumers and low incomes growers). It’s unclear what the ethical sweet spot is for fair trade quinoa but here is news from recent stories about the quinoa market and  …

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